The Roadshow of Ragusa (Sicily)

Great participation and many inputs for improving the existing coastal managing system.

The Roadshow was organised in Ragusa (Sicily) last 1st, 2nd and 3rd of October by Sicilian Region, – Department of Cultural Heritage and of Sicilian Identity with the Superintendence of the Sea and the support of the Superintendence of Ragusa. All the main important Competent Authorities at territorial level and the 9 Municipalities of the Ragusa’s coast attended the 3 days of discussion and technical visits, involving both technicians and decision makers for a total of about 60 people (45 men and 15 women).

The Roadshow was developed in 3 different Municipalities, Acate, Ispica and Ragusa, with some specific problems to be tackled according with the coastal contract approach proposed by the project. The focus of the roadshow was on 3 main issues: Coastal governance and planning tools, Coastal erosion and requalification of anthropic activities on the coast. All those issues are strictly connected with the tourism development to be planned in a new sustainable and integrated vision which joins political and technical solutions.

During the roadshow an important contribute has been supplied by the universities, of Messina and Catania, contributing to moderate the debate the technical sections, further than Sapienza, Roma University.

Many inputs have been collected and synthesized in 3 panels, thus the last day the conclusions were merged for reaching a common draft for a future strategy and action plan.

One of the results was the identification of the critical points and possible solutions, that in general we can list here, such as: simplification of the procedures for approving regional project and permission for the safeguard of the coast (as erosion and requalification projects), the need to foresee a regional board including institutional and research bodies for planning medium and long term activities and studies, the possibilities to suggest strategic objectives for the new regional programming period (ERDF) enhancing the aspects related to the coastal governance and development of a sustainable tourism.

It was also underlined the need to involve citizens enhancing the communication strategy and related tools, involving them actively from the beginning towards a common and resilient coastal governance. The suggestion was to involve actively from the beginning the schools for improving the awareness on these issues.

The only weakness of the roadshow was the poor participation of the tourism related associations, consortiums and districts. However this point will be evaluated in order to understand the reasons, taking

in account that it’s crucial to integrate the tourism strategy with the territorial coastal integrated plans and strategy.

Next appointment is for 7th and 8th of November, again in Ragusa with all the partners and the decision makers of the involved Countries for a technical event and the celebration of the signature of the MoU of Coasting.

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