Project description

COASTING is a capitalisation project based on the ICZM principles application, aiming at enhancing the effectiveness of a multilevel governance tool like Coast Contract (Contrat de Baie), transferring a shared methodology mostly centred on the stakeholders’ involvement, and focusing tools and actions more deeply on the tourism sector sustainability and qualification. In accordance with the ICZM protocol, COASTING aims to apply its principles to enhance qualification and use of natural resources, to create social accountability through a participation process so to develop a coherent framework for coastal recovery and management, increasing coordination for actions related to sustainable and responsible coastal and maritime tourism in the MED area. The capitalisation process aims to build the coherent methodology and framework for institutional uptake of procedures and policies related to coastal governance in the partner’s regions and in the EU.


Great participation and many inputs for improving the existing coastal managing system.

The Bay contract enters its second phase with an enlarged perimeter. The extension of Bay's contract to the Gulf of Fos was approved at the last Bay committee on July 9th.

The Kick-Off Meeting of the Institutional Stakeholders of regional level, was held on 26 March 2019 at Palermo. The meeting aimed to coordinate the role of the regional Authorities and stakeholders...